A Portrait of the Artist


My good friend Remy Long (left), sitting besides the artist himself.

My good friend Remy Long (left), sitting besides the artist himself.

It began in West Africa, with an invitation to serve in the United States Peace Corps. For two-and-a-half years--the most miserable, aggravating, slow, sweaty, simple, peaceful, wonderful, enlightening years of my life--I lived as a volunteer in the tiny nation of The Gambia.  (You can read much more about it here.) It was during this time that my fascination with traveling (and travel photography) really began to grow. My first trip was to nearby Sierra Leone, and then it was Tanzania, Guinea, and Morocco.  But rather than satiate my wanderlust, these forays into other countries just made my desire to travel even greater. So when it came time to leave my post in the Peace Corps, I forwent my ticket home and booked a flight to South Africa instead. 

          Over the next year and half, I wandered, crisscrossing two continents and visiting over thirty countries along the way.  I saw the must-see, and the never-heard-of, from tiny African villages to the cobble-stoned streets of Paris, &c, &c. I worked as a bartender in Cape Town for the summer, and spent a month volunteering on a farm in Transylvania. I suffered through a thirty-eight-hour African bus ride (among many others) and hitchhiked all the way from Estonia to Montenegro. I soaked up the sun while lounging on tropical beaches and took in the views from the top of the Swiss Alps. Once I had stepped beyond my own boundaries, I discovered the world outside completely and utterly intoxicating, and, like a glutton, I set out to ingest as much of it as I could.

          This website is the fruit of that "labor."